Cannes Film Festival

2013 Competition : 天注定 | A Touch of Sin – Jia Zhangke                                                                                                                            2013 Un Certain Regard : 过界 | Bends – Flora Lau                                                                                                                                      2013 Midnight Screenings : 盲探 | Blind Detective – Johnnie To


2013 2010  2009
A Touch of Sin2 Chongqing Blues2 Spring Fever Vengeance
2008 2006 2005
Face 24 City Summer Palace Election
2004 2003
Shanghai Dreams Three Times 2046 Purple Butterfly
2002  2001  2000
Unknown Pleasures What Time is it There Millenium Mambo Devils on the Doorstep
Yi Yi In the mood for Love Love Will Tear Us Apart1 The Emperor and the Assassin
 1998 1997  1996
The Hole Flowers of Shanghai Happy Together Goodbye South Goodbye
 1995  1994
Temptress Moon Good Men Good Women Shanghai Triad A Confucian_Confusion
1993 1991
To Live Farewell my Concubine The Puppetmaster Life on a String
1990  1988
Ju Dou King of the Children blank blank

Un Certain Regard

2013 2012 2008 2007
bends Mystery Ocean Flame Blind Mountain
2006 2004
Night Train Luxury Car Re-Cycle Passages
2003 2002
All Tomorrows Parties Drifters Robinson's Crusoe Balzac
2001 1999
Double Vision Cry Woman2 Lanyu4 March of Happiness
1997 1995
So Close To Paradise The Personals East Palace West Palace Evening Liaison
1994 1990 1987
The Story of Xinghua Song of the Exile A Girl from Hunan blank

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