万有引力 | The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

Four short exposé on love and attraction of the sexes in the big city: a business traveler is delayed due to the malfunction of the airport’s security device, but unexpectedly it sparks off a romance between him and the security officer; a couple’s marriage is in crisis when the repeated attempt to have a child fails; a traffic accident is in reality a trap set by a jealous husband for punishing his unfaithful wife; and a pair of young junkies trying to start anew.

Directed by Tianyu Zhao | Starring : Karen Mok, Jingchu Zhang, Tao Guo, Leon Dai, Zhang Wen | Presented at Montréal Film Festival

杜拉拉升职记 | Go Lala Go

Go Lala Go

Making a fresh start, and believing that plain hard work will pay off, 27-year-old Du Lala joins the China office of high-powered US company DG Technology as an assistant in its personnel department. She is soon befriended by Helen, secretary of sales director David, and later by the workaholic David himself, after he ends his clandestine office affaire with assistant personnel manager Rose. Lala shows initiative when CEO Howard orders the office to be refurbished and, in her first big step up the ladder, becomes David’s personal assistant. Unlike him, however, she finds it hard to separate her private and professional lives.

Directed by Jinglei Xu | Starring : Jinglei Xu, Karen Mok, Stanley Huang, Pace Wu, Ai Li | Presented at N/A

秘岸 | Lost, Indulgence

Lost Indulgence

After a fast turn on the night road, cabbie Wu Tao drives right into the Yangtze River and apparently drowns, though his body is nowhere to be found. His passenger, club hostess Su Dan, is left with a severely fractured leg. Unable to pay mounting hospital bills but determined to take responsibility, Wu Tao’s wife Li decides to take in Su Dan, and care for her during recuperation. Though Li’s angsty teenaged son Xiao Chuan is initially less than thrilled with the loud and demanding guest, some odd semblance of normalcy settles while relationships change; Li befriends a younger man, and Xiao Chuan falls for the older Su Dan. But as the days pass in that hot and cramped flat, the ambiguous connections and unspoken tensions among the increasingly infatuated Xiao Chuan and the mutually weary Su Dan and Li begin to drive lives in unexpected directions, and hearts to unanswered questions. Spring Subway and Curiosity Kills the Cat director Zhang Yibai helms the intriguingly titled and even more intriguingly told Mainland Chinese drama Lost, Indulgence. Set amid the rapid industrialization and hellfire heat of Chongqing, the film stars Eric Tsang, Eason Chan, Karen Mok, and Karen Mok’s legs, as well as Mainland actress Jiang Wenli and newcomer Tan Jianci. Though framed by a plot puzzle that pushes and pulls from all directions, Lost, Indulgence maintains a solid, subtle, and engaging narrative core revolving around the emergent relationships and identities of each character. Jiang Wenli and Karen Mok, in particular, delivering outstanding performances as two very different women who may share more than they say. Indeed, Lost, Indulgence is the rare film in which what is not revealed is as, and perhaps more, important than what is.

Directed by Yibai Zhang | Starring : Karen Mok, Wenli Jiang, Eric Tsang, Eason Chan, Bowen Duan | Presented at Tribeca Film Festival

走到底 | All the Way

All the Way

This love story is disguised as a road drama and a crime story with all the twists and turns along the way. Aptly directed by Shi Runjiu, with engaging cinematography that matches the feel of the story, All The Way involves many stories of many people surrounding one goal—find the guy who’s got the goods. The goods are antique coins that have been stolen more than once by Ah Dong who has a racket going with “rescuing” and stealing the coins. But now it seems his racket is ruined, and fate is closing in on him. His girlfriend Molly catches a ride with a delivery driver of a new van. The driver, Hong-wei, is drawn into Ah Dong and Molly’s fate as they coerce him with a shotgun to his head. Two truck drivers, two policemen, one artist, two thugs, a few other police characters—all are drawn in as the crime drama deepens. Molly’s story of meeting and loving Ah Dong is tender and touching when told to Hong-wei. This is the love story part—trying to save the one you love and being found by love again. All the Way takes us on a ride to where love and crime meet.

Directed by Runjiu Shi | Starring : Wu Jiang, Karen Mok, Cheng-yu Chang, Kui Zhou, Wang Qian-Yuan | Presented at Rotterdam Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival

心动 | Tempting Heart

Tempting Heart

Modern-day director Cheryl sets out to tell a tale of teen love that fizzled and was then reignited in adulthood. Takeshi Kaneshiro and Gigi Leung Wing-Kei are the on-and-off-again lovers. Their relationship begins in high school in the 1970’s and continues in separate episodes into the 1980’s and ‘90’s. Karen Mok Man-Wai forms the third part of a strangely intersecting love triangle. This romantic drama reveals a tangled web of meaning in the relationship between the three friends and is likely to leave a deep impression upon the viewer The beautiful look of the film can be credited to cinematographer Mark Lee Ping-Bin and the award-winning art director Man Lim-Chung.

Directed by Sylvia Chang | Starring : Takeshi Kaneshiro, Gigi Leung, Karen Mok, Sylvia Chang, Leon Dai | Presented at Toronto Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, Warsaw Film Festival

初缠恋后之两人世界 | First Love: The Litter on The Breeze

First Love The Litter on the Breeze

First love happens once in a lifetime. One cannot foretell how and when it happens, and one cannot rewrite the case once it is over. First Love: The Litter on the Breeze tells two tales of first love: before and after.

Directed by Eric Kot | Starring : Takeshi Kaneshiro, Karen Mok, Eric Kot, Sai Lan, Calvin Choi | Presented at N/A

堕落天使 | Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels

Originally intended to be a third story in his now classic Chungking Express, Fallen Angels has emerged as what some critics have come to consider his “quintessential work.” Set in the neon-washed underworld of present day Hong Kong, Fallen Angels intertwines two exhilarating tales of love and isolation. First, there’s the unconsummated love affair between a contract Killer and the ravishing female Agent who books his assignments and cleans up after his jobs. When the Killer decides that he must move on, he leaves her with only a coin for the jukebox and instructions to play song number 1818. Ex-convict Ho stopped speaking at the age of five after eating a date-expired can of pineapple. He lives with his father, who runs a guesthouse where the Agent is in semi-permanent residence. Ho makes a living by re-opening shops that have been closed fort he night and intimidating customers into buying goods and services from him. After an awkward romance with a girl named Cherry, Ho finds himself all the more alone… Wong Kar-Wai brings these parallel storylines together in a blitz of ultra-hip style and classic cinematic sensibilities. A poet of modern alienation, Kar-Wai’s universe is populated with characters both dark and comic, magical and existential, Fallen Angels is both a vie at revolutionary cinema and an homage to a love for movies.

Directed by Kar Wai Wong | Starring : Leon Lai, Michelle Reis, Charlie Yeung, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Karen Mok | Presented at Toronto Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, Oslo Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Thessaloniki Film Festival